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Pet of the Month - 

Cream Puff

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Scottish Fold 

Osteochondrodysplasia (SFOCD) 

Cream Puff arrived in a humane trap on February 2nd 2020. He was in very rough shape with lots of fleas, ear mites. He was thin, dirty, matted had some broken teeth & was mentally ‘shut down’. While we were getting him settled and the initial issues treated we found he also had lumpy back legs and was reluctant to move far. We got him a veterinary appointment for a full examination and neuter. His radiographs are also above and our hearts broke a little. This is Scottish Fold Osteochondrodysplasia (Known as SFOCD). People think the folded ears are cute but they are caused by a cartilage abnormality which leads to a crippling & progressive joint disease that is like really bad osteoarthritis. Judging by his teeth Cream Puff is only 2 years old. Cream Puff is now a palliative care case. We can keep him comfortable for as long as possible and he is getting anti-inflammatories and cartilage boosting injections. How he survived as a stray we don't know. Imagine having fleas and ear mites and not being able to scratch because you can't bend your legs, he doesn’t really want to walk anywhere but loves snuggling in his comfy bed and being fussed and groomed. If you have a cat with folded ears it is imperative that they do not breed and we would recommend you talk to your vet about preventative supplements. Puff will be looking for a long term ‘furever foster’ home with someone who will snuggle with him.

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