Ongoing rescues and adoptable animals


Last updated: February 2020

Animals featured here are either receiving longer term foster care or are ready / almost ready for adoption. Read about them and if you want to know more please contact us.


We usually have litters of kittens in foster care!

Like Miss Pink in the photos the kittens will be vaccinated, get at least one (usually 3) dewormer and flea/mite prevention. The kittens are raised in private homes to be well socialised with family life. To find out more about the kittens we have in care please email us or go to the NARAs Adoptable Pets Facebook Group:


Palliative Care after death of owner

Dear Shadow arrived in December 2019 after the death of her owner. She had several large tumours on her belly, one of which was ulcerated and weeping. The vet confirmed she has advanced mammary gland cancer which is inoperable and has spread to her lymph nodes and more recently her lungs. 

Shadow however is thoroughly enjoying life to the full and is being pampered in her awesome palliative care foster home. She has to have regular dressing changes and another volunteer made her a body wrap to 'hold everything in place'. 


Hit by Car (surrendered)

Po was hit by a car, apparently he was 'pancaked'. He sustained fractures to his pelvis and tail plus multiple soft tissue injuries. His owner could not afford to take him to a vet and decided that this energetic little dog would be better off surrendered to NARA and the vet team giving him the essential care he needed. A staff member from the veterinary clinic fostered him and saw all his needs were met whilst he recovered. We are happy to report he has made a great recovery and is currently on a 'foster to adopt' trial with a family who were on the waiting list to adopt a small dog. 


Partial paralysis

Pip was found lying in a road as a small kitten. NARA was contacted and supplied emergency veterinary assistance to the family who found him. He was unable to move his front legs or walk. He was subsequently surrendered for long term vet care and rehabilitation. The vet suspected he had been hit and flipped by a vehicle, or possibly dropped by an eagle resulting in extreme flexion of his 'arms' and resulting nerve damage (bilateral brachial plexus injury). With lots of love and gentle physio (a member of the public even built him a wheelchair!) Pip has made a full recovery, is neutered, fully vaccinated, has an ear tattoo and is ready for a quiet indoors only home.

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